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I am the voice of the voiceless: Through me, the dumb shall speak; Till the deaf world’s ear be made to hear The cry of the wordless weak. And I am my brother’s keeper, And I will fight his fight; And speak the word for beast and bird Till the world shall set things right.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


McCartney to boycott China over animal cruelty

Sir Paul McCartney says he will never perform in China after watching a secretly taped film (see Video and report from Swiss Animal Protection - very graphic) of animals being abused and killed for their fur. In one scene, shot in a fur market in Guangzhou, southern China, and due to be broadcast on the BBC's Six O'Clock News last night, workers throw cats into boiling water. The film was watched by Sir Paul and his wife, Heather, at a preview screening.Sir Paul said yesterday: "I wouldn't dream of going over there to play, in the same way I wouldn't go to a country that supported apartheid. This is just disgusting. It's against every rule of humanity."Video of Animal Cruelty
(Message placed in Pledge Book, 12 Oct 2005)
My message to President Hu Jintao: When I watched this video (http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/Prefs.asp?video=jcruel_china_dog) 2 days ago I was horrified and have been haunted ever since. You can tell in the video these people enjoy tormenting animals; what kind of people are you? Our treatment of animals shows the true nature of the person that you are and culture is not a boundary for this. We are all humans and the people in your country need to get with the 21st century as they live and act like barbarians and will one day have to answer for their cruelty to animals and children in slave labor. If you are poor then don't have kids, simple as that, why you continue to bring more people into your population if you have to resort to animal and child abuse and cruelty. We don't want your fur trimmed clothing and your cheap trinkets. Look deep into your heart and soul and do the right thing and become civilized people.

Videos of animal cruelty
1. Video and report from Swiss Animal Protection - very graphic

Watch it
2. Hell on China Fur Farm
3. Chinese Dog and Cat Markets
4. Cruelty to cats and dogs
5. Film from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Each year mainly in China ( but also Thailand and the Philippines) millions of dogs and cats suffer cruel brutal lives and unspeakable terror and pain before being slowly tortured to death, killed solely for their fur and skins for a merciless trade. (Now in Belguim - see Europe's connection). We believe this horror must be stopped, suffering dogs and cats desperately need your help, and within this web site you will find out how you can help to ban the trade in cat and dog fur in Europe. Please be sure you go to the TAKE ACTION Page, and try to do as much there, as you can to help.

Voice 4 Dogs is a non-governmental organisation campaigning to end the exploitation and slaughter of cats and dogs for skin and fur products, by lobbying the Government and European Union, working with MEP's and helping and working with others in other EU countries that are working toward the same end, and raising public awareness.

Mission: to abolish the trade in cat and dog fur and skin products.

To urge Governments to encourage the Chinese Government to introduce an animal welfare law in its country, where none exits, so that animals have at least by law in China a right to be protected from cruelty.

Ultimately to get the export of dogs outlawed from Britain to China and certain Asian countries where they are subjected to the dog and cat fur trade and dog meat trades.

"This site is dedicated to all dogs and cats who suffer and die at the hands of those who carry out these evil acts, their cries have reached us."




Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org.






Please Ask Korea’s New President and Seoul City Mayor to Stop Dogs From Being Legally Listed as Food.

Korean animal protection groups seek help: We would like to ask for your help to support the Korean groups, CARE and KAAP, with their campaign to stop dogs from being listed as livestock by the government How you can help:


Korean animal protection groups seek help:
Please ask Korea’s new President and Seoul City Mayor to stop dogs from being legally listed as food.
We would like to ask for your help to support the Korean groups, CARE and KAAP, with their campaign to stop dogs from being listed as livestock by the government.
How you can help:

There are many ways you can help to stop Korea from legalizing dog-meat consumption.

Please take your minutes to sign online petition.


If you are an individual advocate (One Person One Letter Campaign):
Please send letters to:
1. Mayor of Seoul Mr. Oh Se-hoon Download sample letter: (Word format) (PDF format)
Email: ohsehoon@seoul.go.kr
Address: Euljiro1, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-744, Korea
Tel +82 2 735 6060
2. Korean President Mr. Lee Myung-bak Download sample letter: (Word format) (PDF format)
Email: webmaster@president.go.kr
Address: 1 Cheongwadae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82 2 730 5800
3. Korean Embassy in your home country
If you are an animal protection organisation:
1. Please ask your supporters to start a letter writing campaign.
2. Please organise a protest – you could issue a press statement, organise a press conference, protest outside the Korean Embassy, or any other activity that is appropriate in your country
If you would like to offer any other direct help on this issue, please contact CARE and KAAP:
CARE: Ms. Park So-Yeon, President
Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)
Email: kyeowoolmom@hanmail.net
Website: http://www.fromcare.org/ (Korean text only)
KAAP: Mr. Lee Won-bok, President
Korea Association for Animal Protection (KAAP)
Email: lwb22028@hanmail.net
Website: http://www.kaap.or.kr/

Seoul Hounds Meat Vendors For Cleaner Chow-Dog Stew Is a Delicacy, But Causes Salmonella; $10 for 'Healthy Soup'


Meat.org: The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See


Be a Voice for the Voiceless :“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

Moo-ving people toward compassionate living

Becoming Vegan Useful tips, resources, and information for an easy transition to vegan living.


Making the switch to a vegan diet has never been easier! As vegans, we can still enjoy the same flavors and types of foods as we've grown accustomed to eating, only without animal ingredients. Vegan Substitutes for Meat and Dairy



Considering that Life is one, all living beings having a common origin and having diversified in the course of the evolution of the species;
Considering that all living beings possess natural rights, and that any animal with a nervous system has specific rights;
Considering that the contempt for, and even the simple ignorance of these natural rights cause serious damage to nature and lead man to commit crimes against animals;
Considering that the coexistence of species implies a recognition by the human species of the right of other animal species to live;
Considering that the respect of humans for animals is inseparable from the respect of man for another man.
Article 1
All animals are born equal and they have the same rights to existence.
Article 2
a) Every animal has the right to be respected.b) Man, like the animal species, cannot assume the right to exterminate other animals or to exploit them, thereby violating this right. He should use his conscience for the service of the animals.c) Every animal has the right to consideration, good treatment and the protection of man.
Article 3
a) No animal should be submitted to bad treatment or cruel actions.b) If the death of an animal is necessary, this should be sudden and without fear or pain.
Article 4
a) All animals belonging to a wild species have the right to live free in their natural environment, and have the right to reproduce.b) Each deprivation of freedom, even for educational purposes, is in opposition to this right.
Article 5
a) Every animal that usually lives in a domestic environment must live and grow to a rhythm natural to his species.b) Any change to this rhythm and conditions dictated by man for mercantile purpose, is a contradiction of this law.
Article 6
a) All animals selected by man, as companions must have a life corresponding to their natural longevity.b) To abandon an animal is a cruel and degrading action.
Article 7
Working animals must only work for a limited period and must not be worked to exhaustion. They must have adequate food and rest.
Article 8
a) Experiments on animals that cause physical and mental pain, are incompatible with animal rights, even if it is for medical, scientific, commercial or any other kind of experiment.b) A substitute technique must be investigated and developed.
Article 9
In the eventuality of an animal bred for food, it must be fed, managed, transported and killed without it being in fear or pain.
Article 10
a) No animal should be used for entertainment.b) Animal exhibitions and shows that use animals are incompatible with an animal's dignity.
Article 11
Every action that causes the unnecessary death of an animal, is cruel which is a crime against life.
Article 12
a) Every action that causes the death of a lot of wild animals is genocide, that is a crime against the species. b) Pollution and destruction leads to the extinction of the species.
Article 13
a) Dead animals must be treated with respect.b) Violent scenes, where animals are the victims, must be forbidden at the cinema and on TV, unless they are for the demonstration of animal rights.
Article 14
a) Protection and safeguarding associations must be represented at government level. b) Animal rights must be defended by law as are human rights.
The text of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF ANIMAL RIGHTS has been adopted from the International League of Animal Rights and Affiliated National Leagues in the course of an International Meeting on Animal Rights which took place in London from 21st to 23rd September 1977.