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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update from AAF -Action Alert :Please write to the members of the Chinese authorities.

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your response and support for our campaign to stop mass dog culling in China, and to engage the Chinese authorities in constructive dialogue on the issue of humane dog population and rabies control.
Many people have responded with various queries and comments and I would like to cover some of those here for your information. As you can imagine, we have our hands full at the moment and unfortunately are unable to answer everybody individually.Firstly, we understand that the images that are being circulated, including some that we have posted on our own site, are very disturbing.
The images we have used are authentic images taken during the recent mass killing of dogs in Shaanxi province. We always try to balance the need to show exactly what is going on, with a desire not to upset our supporters or turn people away. In this instance, we hope you appreciate that it is very difficult to portray accurately the situation withoutusing what are without doubt, profoundly disturbing images.We also understand that the situation in Hanzhong city makes people very upset and angry.
We understand that in these circumstances, it can be a natural response to lash out at the authorities and Chinese people in general, but it is important to understand that many Chinese people keep dogs and cats, have a high regard for the welfare of animals, and oppose the current slaughter policy just as much as anybody else. We need to encourage these people and the groups that represent them to make their voices heard.
They represent the best opportunity for change within China, and need all our support.Our experience also tells us that the authorities in China tend not to respond at all to anger. We need to engage the Chinese authorities in constructive discussion if things are to change for the better over the long term. The only way we are likely to have any success is by offering positive alternatives to the current practice of mass slaughter.
It has taken many years to open doors into the halls of power in China; with angry words, those doors could close.Constructive criticism can work. Dog culls in Heihe were recently stopped as a result of local and international pressure, and the authorities there are considering other methods of rabies control.
Your letters and efforts really can make a difference, so please do continue to support our campaign.We are constantly lobbying the Beijing authorities regarding the need for countrywide legislation and are working with China's Professor Song Wei, who is drafting the country's first animal-welfare laws - a mammoth task, which will encourage the government to adopt comprehensive legislation.
In the meantime, our information tells us that in Hanzhong the slaughter continues, so we need to double our efforts to persuade the authorities there to stop the killing. To that end, and as requested by some supporters, we have attached the addresses of the Mayor of Hanzhong City, and the Governor of Shaanxi province.
These addresses are in Chinese, and will need to be printed off and pasted onto an envelope, or you can fax these officials at the numbers provided.

We urge you to write to these members of the Chinese authorities, politely asking them to reconsider their actions, and copy your letters to your local Chinese consulate, the addresses and emails of which can still be found at http://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/ .
If your email bounces, please fax or mail your comments.Once again, many thanks for all your efforts to date and to everybody who has already sent a letter or made a donation to help us help the local animal welfare groups. Please keep supporting us - thousands of lives depend on it.

Regards Mark Jones
Animal Welfare Director Animals Asia Foundation http://www.animalsasia.org/


Tel: + (852) 2791 2225Fax: + (852) 2791 2320


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